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BetaDrive Driving School - Testimonials

Had a wonderful day Instructing in these two great cars. Blue Lamborghini Giarrdo manual. White Lamborghini LP560 Spider.

Ewan Leadbeater, fantastic drive commended by The Examiner. 1 fault right at the end of the Test, so close to a clean sheet.

Bradley Allsopp again just 2 driving faults and a first time pass, excellent drive.

Caitlin O’Regan just the 2 driving faults very well done.

Carl Asker very well done just the 1 driving fault.

Kayleigh passed her driving test.

Paige Wood, first time pass in October.

“Yes I did it”!

Also congratulations from a Camera shy Kate Watkins also a first time pass in October

Emily Barlow. Just 3 Driving Faults, excellent drive very well done.

"I did it, I'm so happy!." August 9th

Alice Dythan. First time pass only 5 Driving Faults.

"Oh what a relief! I didn't think I'd done it!"

This is Owain Beard who passed his test first time and without any faults in the drive. This is made even more special as Owain has had to and still has to conquer lots of obstacles in his life.

This is a massive achievement, very well done Owain.

"I passed! I can't believe it!"

Lindsey Whetton. First time pass. Great drive Lindsey very well done.

"I passed did I really! Wow!"

Yasmin Wright. Persistence pays, you got there this time.

"I've passed!!"

Finishing March in style. Three Tests Three Passes.

Darrel Webb finishing the first quarter of the year and March in style with the first clean sheet of the year. That's no driving faults (0 Minors) on the drive. Exceptional drive very well done Darrel. Go easy now! Stay safe young man.

"I never expected that!"

Emma Hutchinson. "I got it this time!" Well done Emma

Graeme McLay. " I've only gone and done it"!

Sohail completed a two hour Motorway lesson.

Kaylee Marsh, "Wow first time pass I can't believe it, I'm so excited. Sarah you are a fantastic Instructor. Even after a difficult lesson I always left the car feeling inspired.

Good start to the year. Jess Robinson passed her driving test 1st time.

First test pass of the year. Congratulations Trish you passed your driving test.

"I did it! Sarah you are Brilliant".

Tom Abbott. First Time Pass.

"I did it!" Ben Mitchell.

"I did it!" Caroline Arrowsmith.

"Got it this time." Dom Knight.

"Passed first time unreal!" Ashley Taylor.

Well done To Curtis Robson. It just shows what a little self belief can do.

Wow! Passed First Time!


Well done Rhiannon it's all about self belief! Just the 1 fault right at the end.

Well done Neil. Just the 1 fault.

New test pass today - Thomas Shipton

'Yes first time pass today and only 3 Driving Faults.'

Jeanette Staton. "My first test with Beta Drive. I passed with only 1 fault! Driving with Sarah has been a delight!"

Examiner comment. " What a lovely, lovely drive"

"First time pass brilliant! Only 1 Driving fault too!"

Emily was also highly commended by the Examiner. It wasn't a good drive it was an Excellent drive.

"First time pass. Delighted and so proud"

"I can't believe it! I never thought I'd pass first time!" Stasey Pointon

"I made it." Taken yesterday 7th October. Candidate is Mr. Mike Dyce

This is Sam Bray who passed today. This finishes a great month of September for Betadrive. We have had 8 Driving Tests with 6 FIRST TIME passes.

"Phew! What a relief! First time pass!"

Well done Hollie. First time pass. Today at Burton.

"I don't know why I was so nervous!"

Josh Shaw. 1st time pass - at Burton upon Trent 2day.

Hayley Miller. Test pass Thursday 10th September.

"omg! What was I so scared of 1 driving fault and a first time pass! "

Chloe Wright, "first time pass!"

" I only had time for 1 crack at my test before Uni. And I did it!"

Alexa Challon-Harvey passed first time on Tuesday 1st September

"Wow passed 1st time now I can drive myself to Uni"


"1 Fault, I'll take that!" Rachel Alford

Stevi Toon - The examiner said this wasn't just a good drive it was an excellent drive. Stevi's reaction, 'No really was I that good?' Her test was last week. One fault .

Wow!! First time pass with Sarah from Betadrive.

"Wow! I Passed!" Suffina Munir

"Phew! I passed 1st time!" Lauren Hall

"What I passed you're kidding, wow! My 1st time too." Carla Martin

"Phew, passed! Now for the car!" Rizwan Ifrahim

"Wow! I passed!"

"Just like u bro. I passed 1st time with Sarah @ Betadrive."

"I've passed! I can't believe it!"

"I passed first time with Betadrive, simply the best." Jonathan

"Can't beta the best!! To pass your driving test!!"

"I got my test and finally passed 1st time with betadrive. Brilliant!"

"I passed 1st time with Betadrive."


"I passed first time with Betadrive."

Farihah Khalid

"Learning to drive with Sarah from Betadrive was awesome. I loved every minute of it"

Saahrah Khalid

"Learning to drive with Betadrive was a great experience"